I am a multidisciplinary developer and architect, who always enjoys thinking about the large picture, designing things and then getting them done. Whether its OOP, functional languages, security, scalability or cloud strategy - I'm always read for any challenge.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Lead ArchitectRakuten, Inc.

    Sep, 2015 - Present1 year 5 months

    As the lead architect for two projects and associate architect in several others, I was responsible for choosing technologies, designing robust, secure and scalable solutions for both private and public cloud infrastructures, communicating decisions to management and consulting cloud services. Both projects I led were critical services used throughout the group, and demanded high level of performance, availability and scalability. At the same time, I was working as a senior security engineer, responsible for performing API reviews, code reviews and providing consulting for other groups about secure design.

  • Lead Developer, Chief Software ArchitectAgat Software Solutions

    Jan, 2011 - Sep, 20154 years 8 months

    I led a small team (2-4 developers) which developed a server-side Data Leak Prevention solution for mobile devices connected to an Exchange server, and was responsible for the architecture of this product and other similar DLP and security solutions (for Lync, SharePoint and other applications). Most code was written in C++, with some additional support, test and build code written in C#, F#, Python, Ruby and Javascript (mostly node.js).

    • Designed a cross-platform, multipurpose server framework, using modern C++ memory semantics to ensure safety.

    • Designed and implemented high-performance and robust server-side code (both asynchronous and synchronous multi-threaded).

    • Developed authentication solutions for iOS and Android.

    • Leveraged existing protocols and designed new ones (both textual and binary)

    • Responsible for choosing viable and secure cryptographic solutions

    • Responsible for providing architectural design and helping evaluating and choosing technologies for other teams working on mobile applications, browser extensions and enterprise solutions.

  • Developer, Senior DeveloperRafael Advanced Defense Systems

    Nov, 2000 - Oct, 20043 years 11 months

    I was a software developer in a joint project with Israel Defense Forces to create a complex command and control system. The system was based on a programmable COTS SCADA product with many customizations. Except for the product's proprietary language, C++ was used for custom extensions and Python, Javascript and VB6 were used for other tooling.

    • Designed and implemented almost all infrastructure code.

    • Responsibile for revision control and integration (including development of custom revision control tooling) and deployment code.

    • Extended the COTS product with GUI and logic components written in C++ (either as COM components or plain DLLs).



  • Programming Languages (Major)
  • Programming Languages (Minor)
    F#JavaScalaSwiftHaskellGoRSQLx86 Assembly
  • Operating Systems
    WindowsOS XLinuxDOS
  • Technologies
    TCP/IPHTTPCOM.NETTLS/SSLFidoDatabasesGoogle Protocol Buffers
  • Web Front End
  • Web Back End
    Express/koa (Node.js)RailsCustom nginx modulesCustom C++ serversGo
  • Mobile
    iOSAndroidReact NativeCordova
  • Infra & DevOps
  • Tools
    MercurialGitVMsBuild SystemsVisual Studiovi
  • Fields of Expertise
    • Object-oriented design
    • Generic and functional programming
    • Asynchronous I/O and concurrenc
    • Security and cryptography
    • Distributed version control and automated integration tooling
    • GUI development
    • Server-side with high-performance and high-availability


  • Linguistics, Amirim (Multidisciplinary honors program), Bachelor (On Hold), Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Nov, 2006 - Aug, 2011